What function does household transfer lifts chair have?

The function of the household shift machine is diversified, which can meet the nursing needs of the general family. It is a household auxiliary medical device with four functions of shifting bed, wheelchair, toilet bathing and rehabilitation walking in one machine.

Home transfer transfer lifts chair is a kind of home nursing medical equipment for disabled, semi-disabled, paralyzed and other mobility inconvenience elderly people research and development production, can be used in different occasions, different families, different body differences of patients, to meet the needs of daily life care shift.


With diversified functions, it can meet the nursing needs of ordinary families.  It is a household medical device integrating four functions of moving bed, getting on and off wheelchair, toilet-bathing and rehabilitation walking into one machine, and it can solve the situation that people with bedridden disability need to move in their daily life at home.

(1) Get up: help the disabled elderly to get up, avoid long-term bed, and reduce pressure sores.

(2) Displacement: to help the disabled elderly to move, which can be placed in wheelchairs, stools and other positions.

(3) Go to the toilet: to help the disabled elderly go to the toilet, they can directly push into the toilet and sit on the toilet.

(4) Bathing: to help the disabled elderly take a bath, they can use a mesh sling to take a shower on the transfer machine.


Post time: May-17-2022