What are the benefits of transfer lifts to bedridden patients and how to choose transfer lifts?

First through social demographic data analysis show that China’s aging population is more and more, through the daily observation, nursing staff will stay in bed for patients to move to a wheelchair, sit implement process is very hard and difficult, followed by long-term care work is likely to cause nursing staff in musculoskeletal injury, strain of lumbar muscles, etc.

What are the benefits of the transfer machine for bedridden patients?
The emergence of the displacement machine is not only good for bedridden patients, but also for nursing staff. First of all, the shift machine is a medical device designed specifically for nursing incapacitated people, can reduce the nursing staff nursing difficulty and work intensity, reduce the nursing occupational disease, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases.
Another is by lifting up and down shift of the shift machine function, can easily will fail from bed to wheelchair, sit implement, such as daily life place, directly address disability, the elderly, the difficulty of shift, reduce the secondary injury risk in the process of displacement and reduce the elderly bedridden time in bed, reduce bedsores, improve the quality of life in the old man in bed.
How to choose the transfer lifts chair?
The elderly care industry is booming, more and more care products gushing out, the style of the shift machine is a dazzling array of beautiful things in eyes, choose the shift machine mainly to see the price of the shift machine, quality, brand, quality, parameters, documents, etc..
The price of the shift machine in the market is open and transparent, too cheap shift machine can not be considered, and then is to choose a self-produced brand, otherwise it is difficult to after-sales, easy to be kicked. Finally, we must understand the parameters of the shift machine, understand the safe load bearing of the shift machine.

Post time: Apr-19-2022