Precautions for the use of electric transfer lifts

Electric shift machine to solve the elderly, the disabled, paralyzed patients, bedridden patients, vegetative and other mobility inconvenient people mobile nursing problems, is widely used in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, elderly communities, families and other venues.
The base can be adjusted arbitrarily, portable and convenient storage, and the main function is to care and move patients. The principle is the lifting and shifting of the electronically controlled lifting arm, so the following points should be paid attention to in the process of using the electric shifting machine in nursing operation:
Disabled commode chair
(1) Check whether the power cord and electric control box are damaged when using.
(2) Keep the plug dry and do not use it in a damp environment.
(3) Please avoid sharp objects and high temperature objects touching the control box and power line .
(4) Attention should be paid to the state of braking when using, and it should be turned off when handling patients.
(5) Press the emergency stop switch in case of emergency during use.
(6) Please do not use the product if the power cord or plug is damaged, fallen off or damaged, the instrument is not running properly, the screw is loose, etc.
Special care must be taken when promoting users/patients who cannot help themselves. (that is, lethargy and spasm、Clonus, agitation or other severe disabilities.
The shifter is only used to move the user/patient from one location (bed, chair, toilet, etc.) to another.
In the process of lifting or lowering, the shifter base should be kept at the widest possible position.
Before moving the shifter, close the base of the shifter.
Do not leave users/patients unattended during operation.

Post time: Jun-01-2022