Disabled elderly care transfer machine

With the economic development of each country, the aging of each country is gradually serious, low fertility rate coupled with a high degree of aging, greatly increasing the social burden. For these vulnerable groups, labor is needed to take care of the disabled elderly, which not only increases the pressure of social labor shortage, but also wastes the energy and mental burden of nursing staff.
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Those of us who have experience in nursing disabled elderly people know that they need to be more patient and careful than ordinary elderly people when taking care of disabled elderly people. For example, they need to change bed sheets frequently, turn over, relieve themselves, eat and take a bath, which tests the patience and details of nursing staff.

Disabled elderly care transfer machine, is based on disabled elderly in bed, nursing staff in the face of nursing transfer difficulties, and the product. The one-key shift is no longer difficult, and the safety and efficiency are greatly improved, which means the further improvement of the nursing industry.
The use of up and down lifting, electric lifting function controlled by the handle, from the ground can lift the patient to the bed, the use of remote control controller, so that patients and their families will be convenient and safe. 9858a4f900ef74584cf4d516b400794

With the help of the transfer machine for the care of the disabled elderly, it can easily assist the nursing staff to complete a series of problems that need to be shifted, such as turning over, defecating, taking a bath, so that the disabled elderly can realize the old have a basis for the old, enjoy the old, and jointly let the disabled elderly find the happiness of life.

Post time: May-07-2022